Read “ZYNGA: Online Games Get Real”.
Need a separate introduction and 3.5 full pages of content. Please answer each question as thorough as possible and cite the source in the essay.
­ Write a 3.5-page paper in APA format in response to the following:
a. Can you give an example of a marketing relationship between a virtual and a durable product? Use your imagination.
b. Argue whether or not you think it is risky for Zynga to depend so heavily on the continued success of Facebook.
c. Assert your opinion on whether or not Zynga will have a negative effect on the existing video game business and the sophistication of the games available.
Below is a recommended outline.
-Cover Page
a. A thesis statement
-(3.5 Pages) Purpose of paper c. Overview of paper 4. Body (Cite sources within-text citations
Conclusion – Summary of main points a. Lessons Learned and Recommendations
References – List the references you cited in the text of your paper according to APA format. 
            Laudon, K. C., & Traver, C. G. (2012). E-commerce: business, technology, society. 8th ed. NJ:  Pearson Education, Inc.